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The temperature inside your car

If you want quiet, comfortable driving without flushing, you must choose the appropriate drive temperature. Excessive heat inside the car, plus annoying, can be dangerous. As well as alter your nerves, causes fatigue. In Menocar want every one of your outings car a good trip, why then we give you the necessary keys to cool your car:

  • Performs regularly check your vehicle (oil levels, pressure and condition of the tires, battery, car cooling system and radiator, coolant, washer fluid, air conditioning, …).
  • Keep both inside and outside the vehicle clean. On the outside, always cleans in the hours when the sun is low. If you do it with hot body you stay exposed to cleaning products to dry before rinsing and spoil the whole plate.
  • You can always park your car in the shade. A lack of shade, keep on hand a parasol. It will protect the dashboard and prevent the return you burn your hands to take the wheel.
  • Before you get going, low all the windows to get out the hot air.
  • If you’re traveling with kids, a very interesting purchase curtains, children and the interior temperature will thank you. Alternatively tinted crystals.
  • If you are planning a leisure trip in the car, it is best to choose the best time of day to avoid the heat and the midday traffic.
  • The driving comfort is synonymous with adequate clothing. Ponte loose garments and fresh.
  • Hydrate whenever you can. Take with you a bottle of water, juice or soda, it is an excellent choice. On long trips, you should make a stop every two hours in a service station to feed, hydrate and rest.

Now you know! If you have considered all these recommendations will travel quite sure comfortable, quiet and in a good mood!