Rental conditions - Menocares

Reservation confirmation

  • Reservations made on our website are subject to confirmation. This confirmation is sent to the email address provided by the customer at the time of the request.
  • The car models shown on our website are intended to serve as examples and may be exchanged for others with similar characteristics. We never guarantee a brand, colour, model or type of fuel.
  • It is possible to return the car outside office hours, subject to prior authorization. The renter is responsible for the vehicle at all times, even when it is returned outside these hours.
  • Cars can not be taken out of the island for any reason.
  • No refunds are made once rental has started.
  • Maximum rental duration by booking 30 days.
  • The service of Autos Menorca has 32 euros of management expenses that will be charged when the vehicle is collected (In case of contracting the SCDW insurance, 3 or more days, these expenses are not charged)

Driver age

  • Drivers must be at least 19 years old and have held a driving licence for at least one year.
  • For special groups, the minimum age is 25 years old, with four years as a licence holder.
  • Drivers under the age of 25 are charged a one-time young driver fee of €25 per rental. This fee is charged only once for the duration of the contract.

What does the price include

  • Unlimited mileage (UM)
  • VAT
  • Compulsory civil unlimited liability insurance and local taxes
  • Comprehensive insurance with excess, these are detailed below:


  • Groups B-C1-C2 = 900,00 VAT INCLUDED (by car)
  • Groups D1-D2 = 975,00 VAT INCLUDED (by car)
  • Groups R1-R2 = 1268,00 VAT INCLUDED (by car)
  • Group G = 900,00 VAT INCLUDED (by car)
  • Groups Z = 1550,00 VAT INLCUDED (by car)

Optional Insurances

  • If you want to enjoy a worry-free stay on Menorca, we recommend full coverage (SCDW). For just €18.15 a day, this includes SRC and wheels, glass, mirrors, wet or lost keys, underside of the car, running boards, wrong refuelling and clutch damage. In the case of vehicles 9 seats the insurance will be 25 euros a day. It does not include the car's lack of examples, trays, triangles ...  It does not include the wrong refueling and the wet or lost keys.

Under no circumstances the below is included

  • Reckless driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  • Traffic Fines
  • Damages inside the vehicle
  • You can reduce your liability to “0” excess by taking SCDW insurance. Customers who do not take any insurance are required to leave a deposit by credit card (only Visa and Mastercard accepted) for the total amount of the excess.

Method of payment

  • Payment is by credit card. Credit card has to be from the main driver.
  • Only VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted.
  • We can accept payment by debit card, Visa Electron and in cash if you take out SCDW coverage.
  • We can accept credit card from another person in the party. Management free €10.00 per rental.

Delivery (pick-up)

  • In the airport car park will be waiting for our shuttle bus that will take them to our offices. This service is permanent so there are hardly any waiting times.
  • The courtesy bus schedule is 06:00h to 22: 00h.
  • We do deliveries out of time always that the customer provides the flight number.
  • Collected and returns between the 6hs- 22.00hs  is considered out of time, applying a charge of € 35.00 for this service.
  • Deliveries in the Port of Mahon and / or at the port of Ciutadella are only made for passengers arriving by boat regular line. This service has a cost of 35.00 €. Customer mobile phone is necessary.

Return (drop-off)

To return the car, customers will only have to park the car outside our offices where they will pick up the Shuttle service to the airport.

  • The vehicle must be returned to the same office where it was picked up by the time agreed upon in the contract.
  • We allow a grace period of 59 minutes. After this time, you will be charged for an extra day.
  • Vehicles may be returned to a different office from where they were picked up for a € 50 surcharge. 
  • No refunds are made once rental has started.

Fuel Policy

  • Our prices do not include fuel.
  • Cars are supplied with a full tank of fuel and it is not necessary to refill the tank before returning. Remember that fuel price is added to the price indicated in the booking when the car is picked up. The price will depend on the type of fuel and tank capacity of each car model. On collection unused petrol will be refund except for the managing and refuelling fee.
  • Due to refuelling logistics, it may cost more than it would at a local petrol station.
  • Maximum fuel prices per car group, B = 85€, C1 =95€, C2 = 105€, D1 y D2 = 110€, R1 y R2 = 115€, M = 110€, G = 106€, Z = 140€.

Extra Services

  • Baby seat, booster seat: € 7 each/day, maximum of € 50/rental.
  • Outside office hours charge: € 35.00 (VAT included), just to the airport from 10:00 p.m.
  • Additionals drivers: € 5/day, maximum of € 50/driver.
  • Drop Off (one way) €50.00 (VAT included)
  • Delivery service to hotels and harbours: € 35 (pick-up and return)
  • Additional insurance full cover (SCDW) including (SRC): € 18,15./day maximum 250€. In the case of 9-seater vehicles there is no maximum insurance.
  • Young Driver: € 25.00/rental (under 25, over19)
  • Damage Management: €50
  • Traffic Fine Management: €25. This fee will be charged if you receive a traffic ticket during your rental, such as speeding or parking tickets. Please note that this fee does not pay the fine
  • We can accept credit card from another person in the party. Management free €10.00 per rental.