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Stop the blow

Fastening your safety belt isn’t just a good idea, it’s compulsory! If you always fasten your belt when you get into your car, you’re more likely to get where you are going.

  • Save your hard-earned money. Fines for not fastening your safety belt could cost you a lot, including points off your driving licence, and you could even end up in prison.
  • Every 15 seconds, someone is injured in a car accident. If you haven’t fastened your safety belt you can be thrown through the window in an accident. Every 13 minutes someone dies in a traffic accident.

However, every year safety belts save thousands of lives, and can help you keep control of your vehicle if there’s a collision. The efficiency of belts for protecting you from injury, even in collisions at low speeds, has been proved time and again in successive research done. European and American experts agree that their use reduces injuries to all parts of the body, and is effective in practically all types of accident.

How do you prefer to stop?

If you stop or brake suddenly, your car will stop immediately. But you won’t. You’ll keep moving until you are also stopped — by the windscreen, the dashboard or the road surface. Fastening your seatbelt stops your body rebounding inside the car or being thrown out. The belt reduces the likelihood of you suffering injuries, because it keeps you firmly secured to your seat. Menocar would also like to advise you of the importance of properly securing any objects you take with you in your vehicle. These have their own inertias and in an accident could cause yet more problems and injuries to passengers.

This apparently simple device can save your life. When it was first used four decades ago, it has been constantly updated.

In spite of being the oldest passive safety element incorporated into vehicles, the safety belt is still the “best friend” of everyone travelling by car. Its use, whether on the motorway or in the city, is increasing every day.

Otherwise, air bags are designed to be used along with safety belts, and both are passive safety devices. Air bags on their own, however, are only effective at reducing deaths by 20%. But safety belts are estimated to reduce the risk of death for front seat passengers by 50%. So for the correct use of your belt, please remember the following advice:

  • Avoid over-thick clothing, so the belt being too tight.
  • Never put cushions or other cushioned items on your seat: they make the belt less effective in the event of an impact.
  • Never have your seat too reclined, to prevent what is known as “the submarine effect”.
  • Always check that none of the straps is twisted or jammed

Finally, don’t forget the following warning: All children of 12 years old or younger must always travel in the rear seat. At the time of making your reservation, Menocar offers you the option of reserving safety seats and boosters for your children. Their safety also depends on you.