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Hiring cars in Menorca and our commitment

It won’t be long before you’re visiting the best preserved natural landscapes on the Mediterranean. Menorca, in 1993 declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, has one natural park, 5 nature reserves, a marine reserve and 19 Natural Areas of Special Interest. This is an environmentally unique setting, formed by countless ravines, inland caves, undersea caves and unspoiled beaches, and is the home of many unique animal and plant species.

At Menocar, we are concerned for the conservation and care of Menorca, so we’re grateful to all our visitors for bearing in mind the following advice:

Advice for your forthcoming car hire in Menorca

On driving

  • At long stops (more than 1 minute) you should switch off the engine.
  • Maintain a constant average speed to optimise your fuel consumption.
  • Drive in the highest gear possible without revving the vehicle too much (between 2,000 and 2,500 revs in cars with petrol engines, and between 1,500 and 2,000 revs in diesel engines).
  • Always keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead:
  • Avoid dangerous overtaking. The roads of Menorca are narrow and in summer are heavily used by cyclists and mopeds. Holidays without haste, please!
  • Keep to the compulsory minimum side distance, to avoid cyclists and mopeds.
  • Watch your use of air conditioning, this is one of the things that uses most fuel.
  • Always drive with anticipation and predictably, making use of your indicators.
  • Distribute weight properly inside the car.

On the environment

  • Don’t throw out rubbish, whether in the city, in protected spaces or while driving.
  • Place any waste in the containers provided according to type.
  • Make moderate and rational use of the water in the public showers on the beach.
  • When shopping, use environment-friendly bags, never plastic bags.