New Traffic Regulations As the reform of the Traffic Act. - Menocares

New Traffic Regulations As the reform of the Traffic Act.

In order to reduce the number of accidents, the director of the Directorate General of Traffic, Maria Segui, has just announced the reform of the Rules of the road. One of the highlights will be the increase in maximum speed limits (130 km / h) in some sections of motorways, and decreasing it in conventional roads and some urban roads 90 and 30 km / h, respectively. Also, the director of the DGT has also commented on the possible obligation of the helmet for cyclists in urban areas and measures to promote the integration of them in urban traffic (the right of way in certain areas, increased penalties for drivers not respecting the minimum safety distance -1.5 -, …). Concerning the possible mandatory helmet use, an important part of this group has rejected. The Federation of Associations ConBici says that this may be counterproductive in the face to promote this mode of transport and, ultimately, for the promotion of a new model of economic, sustainable and healthy mobility. In contrast, institutions such as RACE or CEA believe the initiative is positive then say that society is greatly concerned about the use of the helmet as a safety.

Finally, the elimination of virtually all exemptions belt use and determination of saliva as biological sample detection regarding the effect of drugs on driving, preventive controls are some of the most important news that will introduce the New Rules of the road, still in the pipeline, like the reform of the Traffic Act.