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Before buying a used car

I’m thinking about buying a second hand car? Do you surf the Internet and see succulent offers? Before giving “yes” Menocar, your car hire in Menorca, we suggest the following:


  • Check that the driver is aware of payments for ITV, road tax or, see the DGT that the vehicle does not have fines or embargoes.
  • Request book maintenance and repair bills.
  • Celebrates a purchase contract duly signed by both parties. In this case you, as a buyer, it will touch you to pay the fees and transfer tax.
  • The seller has 10 days to inform the car’s transmission. You, as a buyer, you have 30 days to request the transfer.
  • Paid € 50 in fees.
  • Documentation: DNI, Spanish driving license and proof of payment of the transfer tax.
  • Guarantee: If the purchase agreement is between individuals, know that the seller is responsible for 6 months for hidden defects of the car, known or not (so established by the Spanish Civil Code Article 1485 thereof). On the other hand, buying a used car at a dealership or used car salons, you will be given all guarantees in writing, plus the ability to measure financing.
  • Before deciding end, review:
  • Body: dents over 6 cm, changes in tone or texture of paint, exposed fissures stop plate, aspect of being an original piece, the state of the rubber seals …
  • The Interior: burns in the seats, sliding failure or irregular belts, …
  • The Directorate: steering wheel lock, excessive hardness or incorrect setting of the steering wheel in the direction noise …
  • Brakes: Tension or excessive sinking of the pedal, noise, tension in the hand brake, …
  • Engine: rough idle abnormal noises, …
  • Tires: cracks, excessive and uneven wear, manufacture date, incorrect pressure, deformations, …
  • The exhaust pipe: excessive smoke emission, cracks, …
  • Glass, windows and mirrors: check for cracks, sagging, cracks, illegal mirrors, …
  • Lights, headlights, intermittent: checks are original pieces, if they have cracks or bumps.
  • Airbag: Are you disabled? see if it’s damaged or if the system is incomplete.
  • The Mileage: Religious are about 10,000 km per year. If the car you’re willing to buy has many years and low mileage, worry!


If you’ve recorded all these tips, we have no doubt that you will do a good buy!

Antique car: Apply the maintenance book, find the date of manufacture of the tire facing the edge (DOT code).

Suspensions: rolling, slopes in the body ..